my own private 2012

Hi, my name is Olga and this is my project365 blog.
In 2012 I'll try to take one photo a day for an entire year.
Watch me.

I also keep a photoblog at blogger where I put some of the pictures which are left after I choose today's photo. Check it out!

Asker tineyho Asks:
I just saw the Weeping Angel you crocheted! Are you sharing or selling the pattern?
berrybell366 berrybell366 Said:

Wow, I’ve just seen lots of simular questions in my ask. Apparently, tumblr never wanted me to see them since I never got a notice! 
For all of you, the pattern is not mine, but it can be found for free on Ravelry, just follow the link!  

Day 70

A Weeping Angel I crocheted as a gift.

Day 69

I keep some seashells on a shelf of my wardrobe. I love sea and I hope to live near one some day.

Day 68

What I see from my window at night.

Day 67

My kalanchoe. Brought it home from IKEA.

Day 66

Day 65

Getting ready for annual Dreamflash in Moscow!

Day 64

This nail polish changes its colour based on your hands’ temperature. Seems pretty awesome to me.

Day 63

Went to my friend’s little wedding celebration.
She has six cats though, so that’s what I was mainly concerned about.

Day 62

Peter Hook & The Light @ Milk Moscow